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What Clients Are Saying

"Kristy Manger is an incredible leader, mentor, counselor and role model! She is the best at what she does because she not only has experience mixed with wisdom and creativity, but she also truly cares about the people she serves. She is the kind of leader who leads with the heart and that is rare. Kristy has this incredible gift that allow her to counsel people completely and with no barriers. She is a woman of tremendous character, integrity and grit. She role models what she talks about, and she is one of the best listeners on the planet! I kinda forced her to become my mentor, but you can easily acquire her help. She is ready, willing and most of all able to assist you with your career and planning needs.  Kristy Manger is a once in a lifetime find!"                        Calvin L.

"Kristine is incredibly thoughtful and considers all the opportunities for
career development and growth. She listened to my thoughts and desires and helped me develop a targeted plan to best suit my needs. I will absolutely hire her again for advice in the future." 

Bree M.

"Manger Management was very responsive, with a considerable amount of knowledge and experience.  I am in the process of promoting to the next management level as a state employee. With several sessions, I feel it has been a game changer. I will continue to use this service."  

"Life circumstances kept me out of the work force for nearly two years. Starting to look for work,
I was concerned about how best to present myself, and my interviewing skills were rusty.
Kristy worked with me to identify skills and formulate answers to common questions. 
She also helped me with those all-important questions for the interviewer.
The second job I interviewed for hired me! She's worth every penny."

Alison F.

"I really enjoyed working with Kristy to update my resume and prep for interviews. I got the confidence I needed to pursue other career opportunities and it paid off!"
Becky M.

"I needed to confirm a decision on my career choice. Kristy, without hesitation simplified the process for me to indeed know what to do. Kristy has experience and an innate ability to capture the climate of the situation and offer sound advice."
Patricia B.


"I completed the Elevate Program, and it was exactly the thing I needed that made the difference. Kristy worked with me to get a higher position at my company. Without her coaching, I would not have known what to do to get the promotion."  

Jess W

Testimonials: Testimonials
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