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MMCC Coaching programs are designed as 1-to-1 support model sessions over Zoom,

to help you obtain the career you want or achieve the position you have been pursuing

but having difficulty acquiring.

You will learn to overcome obstacles and achieve accomplishments you have been

working for but have felt are just beyond your reach. 

 Conquer feelings of discontent and frustration over not being able to reach your career goals.

These achievements or advancements ARE attainable.

With MMCC coaching programs you will:

  • Clarify your current career status

  • Identify challenges

  • Find direction

  • Prepare for opportunities

  • Discover and utilize your strengths

  • Make informed career decisions

  • Develop a Plan of action

  • Gain confidence in interviewing skills

  • Realize your professional goals

  • Persist with your career vision

  • Have your expertise and skills acknowledged.

  • Gain peace of mind and more freedom

  • Acquire the support you need to move your career forward!

With just 3 simple practices, forward movement IS attainable.

Once on your transformational career path, you can utilize these skills and tools to further

ELEVATE your career.

You have the commitment; make the choice today to have the career you enjoy and thrive in!

Schedule a complementary Clarity Call, to discuss where you are in your career,

and your vision for moving forward.

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  Prep and Polish

Interview Strategy Sessions

Increase your value as a candidate by polishing your interviewing skills and presentation

-2- -1-to-1 private sessions via Zoom 

-Anticipate common questions specific to position or industry

-Confidence in answering awkward questions

-Highlight Skills

-Learn interviewing techniques

-Rehearse interview

-Worksheets, assessments, and guides

-Resume and position(s) overview review

-Guidance and support throughout process


Prepare, Plan, Persistence

-Prepare your mindset for achievement and growth

-Provide insight into what's in the way of having the career you dream about

-Clarify your current career status

-Align your goals, values, and experience to get where you want to

-Identify challenges and obstacles

-Help you make informed career decisions

-Gain clarity and direction and Plan a clear path

-Discover and utilize your strengths to move forward

-Make informed career decisions

-Develop a plan of action

-Interviewing preparation to polish your skills

- Guidance in determining Persistent action steps

What you will accomplish

-Belief you CAN have a career you enjoy and thrive in

-Clarification of goals

-Become "Unstuck" and find vision

-Realize your potential for growth

-Gain confidence in interviewing presentation and leadership skills

-Overcome challenges and struggles in the workplace

-Move forward on your plan of action

-Find peace of mind and freedom

-Position yourself for further opportunities 

-Have your expertise and skills acknowledged 

-Gain the support you need to realize goals

-Take steps to Elevate to a higher level professionally


 Let's Elevate!

I am glad that you've chosen the path of career coaching. 

Because what we choose to do professionally is not ordinary...and either are we.

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