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The squared circle book review

The Squared Circle by James W. Bennett 3.41 · Rating details · 32 ratings · 7 reviews Basketball, to Sonny Youngblood, is like breathing. In fact, Sonny is. The Squared Circle is the emotional and physiological history of professional wrestling from David Shoemaker. The book is an examination of the wrestlers, fans, and cultural impact of the sport. I’ve been a big fan of Shoemaker since his writing back at Grantland, and wanted to finally read his book. If sports tell us about the human condition, then professional wrestling, which isn't a sport, tells us about the culture. This is the deepest of many insights in. Book designer and Grantland and Deadspin contributor Shoemaker offers a frontline report on a panem et circenses scene of power plays, big money and spandex girdles.

No, it’s not a KISS reunion, but instead the world of pro wrestling. Of course it’s fake; early on, Shoemaker introduces readers to the insider term “kayfabe,” which refers to “the wrestlers’ adherence to.

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The squared circle book review

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