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Most Important Skills Employers Are Looking For and Why Soft Skills are Imperative for Your Career

Hard and Soft Skills
Develop Your Soft Skills to Grow Your Career Opportunites

What are soft skills and the importance of having them?

Soft skills are habits and traits that define how you work independently and with others. They are essential to obtaining a job or to develop in your career. Employers often look for individuals who possess soft and hard skills. Depending on the employer, some may want to hire a candidate with a good set of soft skills over someone having mostly hard skills.

Some of the most desirable soft skills are; Dependability, Adaptability, Integrity, Teamwork, Dedication, Problem solving, Organization, Leadership, Empathy and Communication skills.

Prior to an interview or promotional testing, review the employers website, hiring requirements and desired skills area.

During the interview, highlight your soft skills along with your hard skills.

You can demonstrate your soft skills by showing up early(15 mins is idea).

Speak clearly and maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s). Pay attention to the questions (you can take notes for reference) asked and answer all areas. Remain engaged and interested and provide examples or scenarios that are relatable to the questions. Illistrate how you created, modified or took upon yourself tasks, projects or assisted or trained fellow co-workers.

Provide the steps you take, actions and results. At the end of the interview, ask questions pertinent to the company or position.

Soft skills are a valuable source for any job, position or career.

You can develop your soft skills by attending workplace training, completing continuing education courses, having a mentor, shadowing fellow colleaes,seeking feedback, finding professional groups and by practice. These tools will help you develop your skill set, engage with others better and lead you to professional opportunities.


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