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Habits Resilient People Routinely Do

  • People with resilience, have a safety net of loved ones and friends to turn to when times get tough. Having others who accept you for who you are, and are there through good and bad times elevates resiliency. If there are not many family or friend connections, join groups, club's or teams and grow a network of support.

  • Resilient people avoid being too critical of oneself. Often people are embarrassed about their struggles and compare situations to others who seem to have been through worse. Resilient individuals acknowledge their challenges are real.

  • Resilient people see how far they have come. Thinking about struggles in the past, and how they got through it.

  • People with resiliency, realize challenges are just a part of life. There will be challenges, obstacles and issues to overcome. Having the ability to view suffering, loss or misfortune as an isolated event, instead of an ongoing one, will provide greater resiliency in the future.

  • Resilient people know every problem can be improved. They look for areas they can change and make adjustments.

  • Resilient people take care of themselves. They instill good habits like exercise, rest, activities and social interactions. Decreasing stressors, even a little, will help build mental, emotional and physical strength, being able to better handle things when faced with a challenge or tragedy.

  • Resilient people face life's obstacles. They examine choices and solutions. They look at information presented to them, come up with a plan and then face the stressor or problem. Even when faced with tragedies, resilient people observe, deduct, plan and take action until things are back to a feeling of normalcy.

  • Individuals with resiliency, know their strengths and skills and utilize them to solve their problems and overcome struggles.

  • Resilient people have the insight to look at things with hope. Through pain and anxiety, they are able to see goodness and opportunity. This makes them able to handle upcoming stressors with a mindset of, "I can get through this."

  • People who are resilient take breaks, instead of continually focusing on the challenges. Changing recurring thought patterns with activities such as talking a walk, reading or socializing that will help re-energize and create a mindset for solutions.

  • Resilient individuals learn from their challenges and mistakes. They notice what went wrong and devise strategies to prevent what they can control, from happening again. They look at new ways of approaching issues and realize they have the capacity to recover from difficulties.

  • Resilient people acknowledge their growth. Learning to overcome difficulties, instills new confidence and coping skills that will help them recover quicker next time.

During the most challenging and difficult times, resilient people still find HOPE and JOY.

These can reduce the pain you feel; body, mind and spirit. Providing a healthy outlook that will assist in finding help, solutions and optimistic outcomes. Resilient people realize difficulties and challenges will happen, but know they can overcome them.


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