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What are your fees?

Program fees are based on which program you choose.  For example, Prep & Polish interviewing sessions, include 2-1 hr. 1-to-1 sessions with additional features specifically for interview preparation and presentation skills.

The Elevate Program is an 8-week 1-to-1 support model program developed to gain the specific outcome or goal(s) you are seeking. Extensions can occur when the client has done all the necessary work but needs more time to achieve their goal. The coach and client will determine the time frame and no additional charges will be made. 

If a client wants to book the Prep & Polish course and then decides they will benefit from enrolling in the Elevate program, a discount will be provided.

What is coaching?

Professional Career Coaching can help you develop skills, tools and confidence for you to reach your career goals, objectives or assist you in determining short and long-term career plans. Career coaching empowers professionals on all levels to make informed career decisions.  Working on professional development, to grow within a current career or transition into a new one. The client will work to clarify goals, devise a plan, and take actionable steps. They will unlock hidden potential, obtain a goal, increase work performance, or increase their advancement opportunities. I developed a signature coaching program with 3 major components that take you through to get a definable outcome. What would take a professional, an extended period of time, research, training, and effort to possibly get to their outcome, can be accomplished within 8-weeks of 1-1 weekly sessions and support. Gaining valuable time, transformation, freedom and financial security.

Can I book a session to see if career coaching will fit my professional goals?

Yes. You can book a complimentary 15 min Clarity call. After the call, if we find you would benefit from my coaching program, we will schedule a complimentary 45-min Strategy Session, to get clear on your goals, explain details, answer questions and enroll you in the coaching program.

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