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nal goals. Once you are on your intended path, you can utilize these tools to continue to expand your career.

I believe you have the commitment, I can help manage your way.

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Manger Management Career Coaching

Obtain and grow the career you want,

instead of the job you need.

with Kristy Manger

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Do you ever wonder how some professionals move forward in their career, despite challenges and obstacles?

Have you ever thought,

"How are they getting to where

they want to be, and I am not?"

I have the answer to those

questions, and more!







Compass Pointing North

 Set the course for where your career is headed

Which direction are you moving towards?

  • Gain clarity and plan clear goals and path

  • Transitioning into a new role

  • Career crossroads

  • Career advancement/promotion

  • Interviewing skills

  • Communication &Writing skills

  • Promotional panel adeptness

  • Successfully complete the background process

  • Improve growth within current employment

  • Leadership development

  • Confidence Building

  • Speaking before groups/presentations skills

  • Position yourself for future opportunities

  • Dealing with difficult people or situations

  • Readjust professional priorities

  • Conflict management

  • Explore your career direction & training

  • Achieve specific career goal(s)

  • Elevate your career

About Me


The place you are now, is not where you are headed

For over 20 years, I’ve been working in the public service field. 

Although, I began my career, in less than desired jobs or positions.

I gained various skills and valuable experience. However, it was not

where I envisioned my career headed. During those challenging times,

I had goals, plans and a direction, on how I would pursue a career

that utilized my skills combined with what I enjoyed. Of course,

the arrow did not always land on target, and I needed to adjust accordingly.

I know how challenging and unpredictable service to a department, agency or industry can be. Coaching, training, and mentoring have always been something I enjoyed and sought out. I was fortunate, to be provided opportunities throughout my career, to work with some exceptional people and develop these skills. Helping individuals overcome struggles through the job processes, gaining clarity, defining goals, planning for transitions and advancement, and the apprehensive interviews.

Most of us, do not enjoy competing professionally, and at times feel, "stuck."

Add to that, unsure of how to begin. 

I understand, the obstacles and effort that go into obtaining the position or promotion you want and have worked towards. With planning and direction, I gained the career I enjoyed showing up for, and am enthusiastic about helping others get to that point too. 

If you're having difficulty finding how to break through and clear a path, attain goals, or grow your career, let me show you how to navigate those decisions. I can assist with identifying and defining your goals, formulate a plan, guide you into taking actionable steps, and support you through, to the outcome. 

Realize the career you want, enjoy, and thrive in!

Schedule a complimentary Clarity call today and let's see where your career is headed.

Wishing you all the best!

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 Let's discuss the options and

opportunities for your career.           

 Contact me today at

Meridian, ID


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Even the most dedicated and resilient amongst us, can lack confidence, be unsure, ambivalent or feel frustrated.


If you're struggling with achievements just outside your grasp, believing you're missing out on opportunities to grow, and advance your career, uncertain of how to go about making the shift. 


Then you are in the right place! 

I am here to advise you, that you CAN overcome and even conquer

the challenges, in the way

of having the career you CHOOSE, grow and thrive in.


As a career coach, with a demonstrated history of coaching, training and mentoring, leadership, program and professional development, I will work

with you in a 1-to-1 support model program to help you

accomplish your goals.

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Learn More About Me


Prepare, Plan, Persistence

Hello, I'm Kristy,

I can't remember a time when I didn't want a career in the public service field. After obtaining a B.A. degree in social sciences, I soon found myself working with youth who had emotional, mental health and delinquency issues and earned my first "battle" scar. The work was challenging, to say the least. These clients had goals to accomplish, and my task was to formulate action plans and hold them accountable. Simultaneously, I was working in Management in the public sector. Juggling those roles was challenging and held many obstacles. What helped me, was adeptness in assessment, preparation, and problem solving.

  After several years in these roles, I entered into public safety and was employed in the county probation department. First, I served as a Probation Correctional Officer, then went through the testing and promotional process, and transitioned into a field office as a Probation Officer.

During my career, I relied on planning and interpersonal strengths to develop strategies to handle multiple roles, tasks and demands and to grow within my career. These skills and techniques, along with preparation and diligence, led me to various assignments, advancements and promotions.

However, it was without its struggles and extraneous factors. Notable, what was lacking, was professional mentors and training in role transitions, career development and advancement. In order to further assist me,

and others, I developed my own systems and strategies. Along the way, I had some inspiring, helpful peers as well as personal influences who guided and supported me on my path. I am fortunate to be able to mentor and coach others with what I learned, created and developed. 

Fear of the unknown is why most people don't attempt things they want they want to achieve. Sometimes it's lack of resources, confidence and hesitancy to start. However, it CAN be done. I can help you gain clarity and insight, guide you through the obstacles, determine and focus on goals, and help you develop ways to get you where you want to be in your career. 

As for that beginning "battle scar," ironically, I completed my career out strong with another challenging one. However, due to preparation, planning, persistence and support, I came out more resilient and on a new but complimentary route in coaching. I can confidently say, if you feel the struggles, trials, challenges in your career, get in touch with me today and let me know the direction you would like to move towards. 

Let's clear your path and move you forward, in decisions and action you have been wanting in your career.

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